Welcome to our Donation Store!
Our in game perk tiers are designed to enhance the experience of our sponsors by offering benefits that respect the games balance and overall player enjoyment. We avoid pay to win elements ensuring no excessively powerful perks, like creative or god mode. These perks are made to save players a few hours, helping in early game without shortcutting the full game progression. Your donations play a crucial role in this ecosystem, not only helping in covering our operational expenses but also helping the community grow.

The income we generate is allocated to several key areas to ensure the smooth operation and continuous improvement of our services:

  1. Hardware Investments: This includes expenses for servers, ensuring reliable and high-performance gameplay experiences.

  2. Software Expenditures: We invest in software such as mods and plugins, which are essential for maintaining and enhancing the functionality of our platform.

  3. Supporting Developers: A portion of our income is donated to the developers whose hard work and creativity contribute significantly to our community.

  4. Custom Development: We allocate resources for custom development, allowing us to offer unique features and continuously improve our gaming environment.

  5. Infrastructure Maintenance and Upgrades: Regular maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure to ensure smooth, efficient, and uninterrupted service.

  6. Savings and Investment for Future Growth: Setting aside funds for future expansion or investment in new ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions & Terms of service :

Are the ranks permanent? Yes, all ranks are permanent.

Can I buy a rank for a friend? Yes, you can. Ensure you enter their username at checkout.

Are rank perks and benefits subject to change? Yes, while your rank is permanent, the specific perks and benefits associated with each rank are subject to change. We continuously aim to improve our services and sometimes need to modify rank benefits to enhance the experience, maintain balance, or for other operational reasons. Changes to rank perks and benefits do not qualify for a refund. 

I didn't receive my rank after purchase. What should I do? Please open a support ticket on our Discord server or contact us via our email if you haven't received your rank.

Can I get a refund? No, we generally do not offer refunds. However, exceptions may be made in cases of technical issues.

Non-Transferability of Perks and Ranks: Purchases of server-specific ranks and perks are final and non-transferable. These benefits are tailored to enhance gameplay on a specific server, reflecting the unique contribution of each player to that server's ecosystem. Once you have benefited from these perks on a particular server, it would be unfair to allow the transfer of these advantages to another server. This policy ensures that the value of your contribution remains specific to the community and gameplay experience for which it was intended, maintaining the integrity and balance of each server's environment.

Rank Transfer Conditions: In the event a server is retired, we offer the option to transfer your rank status (not perks) to another active server within our network. This ensures continued enjoyment of your status across our community, respecting your contribution while maintaining server balance. In the future, if the server were to be closed or swapped for another modpack in its place, your rank would be transferred automatically to the server replacing it. Or, if it was closed or you wanted the rank on a different modpack after a replacement, you would be able to transfer then. To initiate a rank transfer, please contact us through our support system on Discord or via email and provide the details of your current rank and the server you wish to transfer it to.

User Conduct and Responsibility. Users are expected to adhere to our community guidelines and use their ranks responsibly. Any form of abuse or exploitation may result in rank revocation without a refund.

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting the revised version on our website.